inuko (zombie_dog) wrote,

Best worst cybersex ever

So, in case anybody was wondering? Omegle is the best thing to do while you're drunk. EVER.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi there stranger.
Stranger: u like tentacles
You: Of course! They're incredibly versatile~!
Stranger: m or f
You: Oh yes, one of those.
Stranger: *tentacles grab her body*
Stranger: yess i got you now
You: oh noooo
Stranger: mmmmm you cant run anymore
Stranger: your mine
You: I can't run
You: My yours
Stranger: thats right
Stranger: their ripping your clothes
Stranger: yess their offf
You: Oh no, those were my clothes
Stranger: Mmmm yesss, now open your mouth
You: Oh no, I must not open my mouth
Stranger: swallow all this tentacles slime
You: How slimy and vile
Stranger: it will make your tits bigger
Stranger: the slime is very thick
You: Your dubious science turns me on
Stranger: Mmm yessss
Stranger: within seconds,
Stranger: your tits will grow to JJJs size tits
Stranger: bigger and softer
Stranger: yess it growing now
You: Holy crap
You: this will surely cause me back problems in my old age
Stranger: yesss so big
Stranger: and soft too
Stranger: dont worry, these tentacles wont kill you
Stranger: dont worry
You: Thank goodness!
Stranger: we need something more
You: Though my new tits might
Stranger: we need a female body to reprodue more tentacles
Stranger: and i think i know how
You: Surely you are not implying...
Stranger: *tentacles slowly go up your legs*
You: Oh noooooo
Stranger: mmm yessss
Stranger: yesss one go in your ass and one go in your pussy
You: Biological science is about to be violated even worse than my poor orifices
Stranger: yesss
Stranger: going deeper and harder on you
Stranger: yess yesssss
You: Nooooo
Stranger: their working harder
You: They'd better be
Stranger: one more tentacles go in your mouth
Stranger: three tentacles are fucking you hard
Stranger: yessssssssssss
Stranger: your tits are so big
Stranger: its leaking out milk
Stranger: 2 more tentacles come and suck on them
You: Holy crap, I am suddenly lactating
You: that is seriously improbable
Stranger: yesssss
You: nooooo
Stranger: thats right
Stranger: soon, you will be pregnant
Stranger: yesss MMMm~
Stranger: tahts our plan
You: Pregnant with tentacles?
Stranger: yesss thats right
You: Are the tentacles, like, attached to anything, or will I be just giving birth to tentacles?
You: Like in Maniac Mansion
Stranger: they will cum in your body and soon you will give birth in 10 min
You: To what, though? I'm seriously interested
You: are they just tentacles not attached to anything in particular?
You: or critters that have really long tentacles
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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